Dedicated to God and Nursing

studentsDid you know that 48 nursing students made decisions to follow Jesus last fall through NCF ministry? We rejoice in these new lives dedicated to God and to nursing.

At the end of the semester, our student chapters reported on how they saw God at work, and their stories are amazing!

Here are some exciting highlights from NCF chapters across the country:

California State University, Long Beach

tweet“I met one of our new nursing students and her brother at our first White Coat Ceremony and we got into a spiritual conversation. She started coming to our meetings shortly after and shared how she did not expect to have a place (at a public university) where she could learn how to grow in her faith as a nurse.”

Northern Illinois University

“By the grace of God, we were able to establish NCF at our campus. He led us to people who could help and support us. He touched the hearts of the student associations senate who voted for our organization to quickly get full recognition on campus. Our first meeting was a success because we felt the presence of the Holy Spirit guiding us as we studied the Bible passage.”

University of Texas at Tyler Longview

"God has been doing something extraordinary this semester in our NCF chapter. Last year we struggled to get attendance higher than 5 at any meeting. This semester we are averaging 10-15 students at chapter meetings and Bible study. There were about 20 students at our prayer event, “See You at The Pole.” Nearly 50 students were at our Alzheimer's Walk group, and we packed 91 boxes for Operation Christmas Child. Our campus has only 100+ nursing students!”

Davenport University (Michigan)

“In the beginning of the semester it was really hard to get students to come to the NCF meetings. It was a good day if there were two, maybe even three, students. When more students showed up, no one was willing to talk. However, over this semester God has really worked in our chapter in two ways. First, more people are coming to our meetings. We went from 1-2 students each week to 5-7 students now. The second way in which God has worked through our NCF chapter is because of the bond that is beginning to build between the students who come. They are starting to participate more in the Bible studies and there is now a sense of belonging, community, and trust growing among us.”

Praise God that he is changing the lives of nursing students!

--Timothy Lin, NCF Student Ministries Director

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