NCF Online Resources

Now more than ever having a community of nursing students around you that can encourage and support you and point others to Jesus is vital! As our semesters start, be in prayer about how your NCF chapter can be a light in a dark world. Meeting online can be tiresome and stretching; but, knowing there is a community of nursing students on campus sharing the gospel online could be a lifeline to a student in your sphere of influence. Check out these online resources to support your chapter meetings online this fall. 

NEW Customizable Instagram graphics for NCF

We have found the best way to reach new incoming students is through Instagram. Below are downloadable images for you to use as well as links to customize graphics with a meeting day and time. After downloading/customizing, post to Instagram! Reach out to with any questions about reaching new students via Instagram!

We also have created editable PDFs so that you can add your school name to the NCF logo for use as your Instagram profile photo. Click here to read the instructions, right click here to download the PDF for the single line option, and right click here to download the PDF for the double line option if you have a longer school name. 

Right click these images to save on desktop or screenshot and crop them to save on mobile.




Click each image to visit the site where you can customize and add your meeting date and time.



A Gathering of NCF students for a time of rest and renewal. 45 minutes of worship, testimony, devotional and an invitation to mission using our new Proxe station. 

We went live on August 6th! Now that the event is over, please feel free to use the recording at any NCF gathering.


  • Host a Watch Party for your NCF chapter online over Zoom. You can do this instead of your regularly scheduled meeting. Steps to Watch Party via Zoom:
    • Have the NCF LIVE Video open in a web browser
    • Start your meeting
    • Select 'Share Screen' (bottom middle of your Zoom window)
    • Check the box 'Share Computer Sound'
    • Choose the window with NCF LIVE Video
    • Have the video play full screen​
  • Watch the NCF LIVE Video
  • Download the discussion guide here.

NCF Self-Care Proxe (Interactive Display) Outreach Tool

Check out our new and in process Proxe! This is a draft of our new interactive display, while there might be changes down the line it is ready to use now. We would love to have you participate in learning how to use a proxe as well as continue to develop it into a tool for reaching nursing students for years to come. Join an online national community where you will get targeted leadership development as well as coaching in how to effectively share the gospel. If you are interested in participating please fill out this short form.

We will meet every other week for an hour of coaching and leadership development with a national learning community of NCF staff, students, and faculty. 

Use this this proxe station (an interactive display) to have a spiritual conversation with your fellow nursing students. You can download and print the panels to display on a table display. Or, you can host a conversation via Zoom and share the images over Zoom while you ask questions and share about your own life. 

Instructions for an In-Person Proxe: 

Instructions for an Online Proxe:

  • Pray, ask the Lord who he would have you invite to the conversation.
  • You can host a one on one conversation or in small groups with others from your NCF chapter. 
  • Invite a friend to join you for a conversation about self care and spiritual things. Making an invitation can be scary but look for natural opportunities as you talk with your friends about this semester, their fears and concerns. It can be as easy as saying “This semester is so hard! Our NCF chapter has been focusing on self care and how we can care for ourselves during this crazy semester. Would you like to have a conversation to talk about how Jesus cares for us?”
  • Follow the script, sharing and listening, asking questions and presenting that Jesus cares for us all in every way. 
  • Thank them for joining you, ask them if they have any questions. 

How to Use Zoom Resource Page

Zoom is an easy format to use for your NCF meetings. Check out this webpage with tips and tricks to use Zoom such as reducing the empty space (the time where no one is talking) during a Zoom meeting.


Campus Readiness Checklist

Not sure if you are ready for the fall? Here is a short checklist to help you think through the one or two more things you need to focus on for a successful fall launch. If you have any questions about the items feel free to reach out to

Online Small Group Bible Study Quick Reference

Download this quick one page reference sheet for tips, tricks, and links to running a smooth online Bible study.



Online Manuscript Bible Study Template for the Book of Psalms

Make a copy of this template and use it for any Bible study in the book of Psalms. See instructions below for using it. This template can be used in “real time” to run an interactive Bible study.


Online Zoom Prayer Meeting Template

Follow this easy template to spend time in prayer as an NCF chapter.


Resources for Having Fun Together

Not sure how you will have fun together as an NCF chapter? Check out these ideas to try!


InterVarsity Online Library

InterVarsity, NCF’s parent organization has compiled a website for students and chapter leaders to resource them for online ministry. Check out the options and always feel free to contextualize to NCF.