Models of Ministry

Ministry modelsHere are three ministry models for engaging nursing students in campus ministry when there is an InterVarsity presence on campus:

Individual Students

Nursing students who are looking for a campus ministry can integrate into the undergrad chapter in general. This usually works well for pre-nursing students, but their junior and senior years are quite demanding. They are regularly at a hospital or clinical setting off campus and they often have less time to be involved in the regular chapter activities. For this reason, they need to be trained and equipped as freshmen and sophomores so they are ready to launch a missional small group when they enter the school of nursing. 

Nursing Small Groups

You can promote NCF as a focused ministry of the undergrad chapter. The nursing students are under the leadership of the undergrad chapter but a small group of nursing students can start something new in the school of nursing as a missional presence.

NCF Chapter

The NCF chapter meets separately from the undergrad chapter with its own leadership team and faculty advisor. Often this works best when the nursing school is not close to the main campus or if the student leaders would like to have an affiliated NCF chapter.

Whatever the ministry model, campus staff can help nursing students develop a vision for personal discipleship in Jesus and outreach to classmates and faculty in the nursing school. And they can be instrumental in developing the students as leaders and helping the ministry to grow and be sustainable. NCF staff are excited to coach staff and provide contextualized resources for the vision to become a reality.