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Campus Vitals is an e-newsletter for student leaders and faculty advisors. It is filled with ideas and resources for campus ministry. To receive this e-newsletter, please contact NCF. Articles of interest from past issues of Campus Vitals: Honoring Seniors. If your address has changed, please use the Update Contact Information Form.

Ending Well: Evaluate and Look Forward • Mentorship Groups for New Grads • Come and See: Summer Devotional • Your Voices: Laura Logan, MSN, RN, CCRN • Urbana Scholarships: Early Bird discount ends June 30th! • Summer Faculty Opportunity! • Journal Club: Bridging the Racial Divide


Follow My Example: Faculty Advisor Pipeline • For Your Information: What You Need to Know From Student Ministry This Month • Your Voices: Instagram- Faith Edgell, University of South Alabama • Get NCF Honor Cords! • It’s National Nurses Month - JOIN NCF! 

Preparing Spiritually for Easter • Student Leader Apprenticeship • Your Voices: Colorado Christian University • Kept: Finding Peace in Nursing School • Swag Alert: Give Us Clean Hands • Membership: Did You Know? 

Discipleship Moment: Be a World Changer • Campus Connection: Does Your Chapter Need a Shot in the Arm? • Your Voices: Share Your Story • Register Now!: Online Retreat April 2nd, 2022 • Swag: Stickers Are Back!

Gratitude in the Little Moments • Turbo Charge Your Chapter Through Debrief • Our Gift to You • Need Gift Ideas? • End of Year Giving 

We Need to Hear From You! • Fall Rhythms • Incorporating Prayer In Your Group • Prayer Resources • Does Your NCF Logo Need a Fresh Look? • New Faculty Advisor Discounted Membership • JCN COVID-19 Vaccination Resource Article Coming Soon 

The Light of Evangelism • Evangelism Resources • Welcome to New Leaders! • Discount for Evangelism Tools • NEW NCF Merch! • Membership Has Big Benefits • Share Your Pictures & Stories With Us! • Join Us Tonight!

Our Prayer for You This Fall • Resources for Fall • Thrive: Getting Ready For Nursing School • Rep NCF on Campus! • Let's Get Social! • NCF Membership Supports You & Your Students 

Summertime Surrender • NCF in a Bag! • New Student Outreach (NSO) Packets • How to Do NSO • Funding Available for Outreach • THRIVE: Getting Ready For Nursing School • Monthly National Gathering

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