March 2019 Praise and Prayer

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.     ~ Philippians 4:6-7

M.E. Andross quote When I think about the ministry of Nurses Christian Fellowship, I am reminded of the incredible way students, educators, nurses, volunteers, and staff come together to encourage and support each other in the name of Jesus Christ. Our prayers are a critical part of this work. Through prayer we make a difference in the lives of each other, our profession, and our world. Through prayer our own heart, life, and focus is changed.

Thank you for praying for the ministry and needs of Nurses Christian Fellowship. Thank you for making a difference in this work not only for today, but for generations to come.

~ Christy Secor DNP, RN, CDWF, Director of Professional Ministries, Nurses Christian Fellowship

March 2019 Prayer Calendar

  • March 1: Praise God for his faithfulness to Kathy Schoonover-Shoffner, NCF National Director, and her husband after his traumatic brain injury in October. Thank God for the miraculous way he heals ours bodies and restores our souls. Kathy and Richard are home now continuing his rehabilitation.
  • March 2:  Pray for our 111 active student groups on nursing school campuses (up from 98 last spring) with 1100 students involved. Praise for 47 decisions for Christ.
  • March 3: Pray for 21 student chapters that are in process and planning to launch Spring 2019. Pray also for chapters to be started among the 51 additional schools that are asking how to start a student chapter.
  • March 4: Pray for connections and information that supports the ministry of NCF as the NCF member newsletter, Charting the Way, is being prepared for release.
  • March 5: Pray for wisdom and discernment as plans continue to come together for the 2020 NCF International Congress that will be held in Denver, CO.
  • March 6: Pray for Kathy Schoonover-Shoffner, NCF National Director, as she shares at the Hoag Spirituality Conference in Los Angeles March 6 – 7.
  • March 7: Pray for nursing students and InterVarsity staff at Wayne State University (MI) who are requesting permission to start an NCF chapter on campus. Pray for favor with the administration.
  • March 8: Praise God for a nursing student who decided to follow Jesus at Rowan College Burlington County (NJ) this spring!
  • March 9: Pray for the participants and speakers who will be sharing at the Navigating Primary Care: 2019 APN Education Symposium today at Indiana Wesleyan University.
  • March 10: Pray for our leaders and professional nurse groups located in California: Castro Valley, Sacramento, Salinas, and San Joaquin Valley. Pray for growth within these groups and that strong connections would be made. Pray that those who are seeking would be drawn to these groups and the truth of Jesus Christ as well.
  • March 11: Pray for a professional nurse group in Oregon that is seeking God’s leading in forming and as individuals consider being a part of this leadership team. Pray for nurses of faith who are faced with persecution because of their belief in Christ.
  • March 12: Pray for the Twin Cities NCF group as they continue to develop a mentorship pilot for new graduate nurses that can be used and implemented across the country.
  • March 13: Pray for NCF staff as we finish editing and writing Bible studies for pre-nursing and nursing students this spring. Pray for the Holy Spirit’s clear leading and directing as we prepare these ministry resources.
  • March 14: Pray for good leadership transition in the student chapters.  As seniors prepare to graduate, pray for underclass students to step up with a desire to lead in the next school year.
  • March 15: Pray for three student chapters that are starting this semester: Shorter University (GA), Sam Houston State University (TX), and the University of Maryland – Baltimore. Pray for the Lord’s guidance as they advertise and reach out to their respective nursing schools.
  • March 16: Pray for the editors of the Journal of Christian Nursing as the final preparations are made for the release of the April – June edition. Pray the edition speaks to the hearts of nurses in all areas of practice.
  • March 17: Pray for Kathy Schoonover-Shoffner, NCF National Director, to make strong connections with physicians and leaders of the Christian Medical & Dental Association as we seek ways to collaborate together in ministry.
  • March 18: Pray for the authors of the July – September edition of the Journal of Christian Nursing as they refine their submissions and work with the JCN editorial staff.
  • March 19: God has given InterVarsity a 2030 calling—to establish witnessing communities on all 2,500 U.S. campuses with 1,000 or more students by 2030. NCF wants to be on 200 campuses by 2020, and we are within reach. Pray!
  • March 20: Praise God for the new NCF student chapter at Cal State University - Stanislaus (CA)! We are grateful for the Stanislaus students we met at Urbana who caught the vision to start a Bible study among their classmates.
  • March 21: Pray for NCF’s newest professional groups: Low Country, SC; Grand Junction, CO; Baton Rouge, LA; and Huntsville, AL. Pray these groups will be a tremendous blessing to nurses in the area.
  • March 22: Pray for faculty members across the country as they prepare students for professional practice and balance the time demands of their roles.
  • March 23: Pray for prelicensure nursing students as they complete their clinical and course requirements for graduation. May they find their identity in who they are in Christ and not in their test scores. Pray for encouragement and support for them.
  • March 24: Praise God for the retired nurses who are a part of NCF. We are grateful for their prayers, work, and encouragement among students, nurses, and the staff of NCF.
  • March 25: Pray for the nurse group that meets in New York City as they may need to move to another location. Pray also that the group would draw in younger nurses who are practicing in local hospitals / medical facilities in the area.
  • March 26: Thank you for all those who support the staff and ministry of NCF with their prayers. Pray for the additional financial resources needed to support NCF staff.
  • March 27: Pray as the Connections newsletter is being prepared for nurses and others who are interested in the ministry and work of NCF. Pray for the nurses to become members of NCF.
  • March 28: Pray for Grace Tazelaar, NCF’s volunteer / Missions Director, as she leads a workshop and hosts the NCF exhibit at the Christian Community Health Fellowship conference March 28-30.  Pray for the other presenters and participants as they receive practical tools to extend Christ’s love through excellent, appropriate, holistic healthcare. 
  • March 29: Please pray that God would open the door to plant nursing student chapters at Fresno City College (CA) and Fresno State University (CA) this spring. Pray especially that God would use the local Fresno nurse group chapter to lead and support these planting efforts.
  • March 30: Pray for the nurse groups located in Charlotte and in Wilmington, NC. Pray for God to continue to draw nurses to these groups and for continuing unity among their leaders. Pray also for the unique needs of our nurses in Wilmington as their families and communities continue to recover from the effects of the hurricane they experienced.
  • March 31: Pray for insight and wisdom for NCF as we prepare materials for release during Nurses Week (May 6 – 12).