NCF Evangelism Tools

If you struggle with communicating the gospel of Jesus to others, here are tools, resources and simple gospel illustrations to help you understand God's good news and explain it to others. More great resources are available from InterVarsity Evangelism.

The Big Story Gospel Outline

Do you long to understand the gospel in a fresh way while simultaneously learning a compelling way to share it with others? This Big Story Outline is a gospel presentation tool for nursing students to invite others to follow Jesus as Healer and how to get involved in his healing mission in the world.

The Big Story

James Choung illustrates the Big Story of the gospel in a two-part YouTube video:

GIGs (Groups Investigating God)

GIGs are Groups Investigating God. Gather your friends and study the Bible together. These studies are designed to help all students, including nursing students, discover who God is and how he works in the world. Check out more campus resources from InterVarsity Evangelism.