October 2019 Prayer and Praise

Recently I have been challenged to start thinking about habits and how I can develop healthier habits. I need these habits for my physical health as well as for my emotional and spiritual health. But I’m finding that developing these habits isn’t easy. Let’s just say I’m a lousy “patient.” 

I can set goals, but goals in and of themselves don’t get me to where I want to be. James Clear in his book, Atomic Habits, writes, “You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems.”

I can have all the SMART goals in the world, but true change takes place in the small steps made over the course of days, weeks, months, and years. It’s yielding my own way for God’s way. It’s opening up more of whom I am to who God is. It’s allowing Him access to more of my heart and life. It’s not running in the opposite direction when things around me become difficult. It’s being open to correction. It’s learning to be grateful in all things. It’s taking these small steps not in my own power and strength, but in the power and strength of the One who sacrificed all for me.

This is the beauty of Nurses Christian Fellowship – the connection and relationship we have with each other through Jesus Christ as well as the support, prayers, and encouragement of other believers. We do not walk alone in isolation. We have community. We have relationship. We have purpose. We have hope. 

Grace and peace to each of you!

Christy Secor RN, DNP, CDWF, NCF Professional Ministries Director

You can download the October Prayer Calendar here

October Prayer Calendar

  • October 1 - We lift up Jasmine and the University of the Bahamas School of Nursing as they offer support to nursing students after Hurricane Dorian. Ask God to provide what is needed; and to protect the school and students. An NCF group was started at the school in August. Jasmine is working for the Bahamas to become a part of NCF International.  
  • October 2 - Praise God for all He did to bring the October/December Journal of Christian Nursing issue to fruition. We thank Him for all the editorial staff who work tirelessly to publish every issue, our reviewers, and the authors who submit their manuscripts. 
  • October 3 - Pray for NCF to be able to plant two student groups a month. Pray for us to see more and more students have an opportunity to explore their faith and nursing and to be a part of a supportive community.
  • October 4– Intercede for NCF staff and ask that God would lead each of us into quiet communion with Him; that we would hear His Voice; that His Word would speak personally to each staff member and guide us in the work He has for us.
  • October 5– Pray for Skip McDonald, our NCF staff, who is co-leading a seminar at the Georgia Fall Conference on hope.
  • October 6 - Pray for nursing students and nurse educators as the fall semester gears up into full speed. Pray that God would use NCF groups all over the country to minister Jesus’ love and bring students and educators to faith in Christ.
  • October 7 - The Global Missions Health Conference is November 6-9. Pray for God to bring nursing students and nurses to the conference whom He is calling for missions and that He would provide a way for them to travel to Louisville, KY for the conference.
  • October 8– We praise God for our two most recent professional nurse groups. One of these groups is located in Tulsa, OK and the second group is located in Houston, TX. Pray for God to use these groups to encourage and support nurses in these areas.
  • October 9 - Some NCF staff are experiencing physical pain and challenges. Pray for healing. Ask God to give wisdom on how to care for ourselves to maximize the ability to serve Jesus well. 
  • October 10- Today is World Mental Health Day. Ask God to make His mercy and lovingkindness clearly known to nurses who are dealing with depression, anxiety, addictions, and mental health diagnoses. Pray that nurses who need support and help will express their concerns and struggles rather than hide their need.
  • October 11 – We ask God to increase our NCF membership numbers; pray that more nurses would discover and join NCF. Pray specifically that nurses would renewtheir membership – that the reminder emails and postcards would reach members and they would quickly renew. 
  • October 12 – Pray for God to speak through Skip McDonald as she leads a seminar today on identity at Fall conference in Tennessee.
  • October 13 – Pray for nursing students and for each of us as nurses to walk in obedience with the Lord. May we each be aware of the Lord’s presence in our lives and His love and support for each of us in all we face. 
  • October 14 – We ask God to provide all that is needed for NCF ministry to nurses, students, and educators – resources, finances, time, staff. 
  • October 15 – Please continue to pray for InterVarsity’s IT team as we continue to work to test and implement a solution to solve technical issues we are working to address.
  • October 16 – We praise God for the NCF nurses across the country who volunteer their time to pray for the needs of other nursing students and nurses. We are grateful for each of them and for their support of this ministry and our profession.
  • October 17 - Pray for NCF’s publishing partner for the Journal of Christian Nursing, Wolters Kluwer | Lippincott. We ask God to bless their work and for Him to reveal Himself to staff members who work on the JCN and don’t know Jesus personally. 
  • October 18 - Pray for student groups to continue strong as they head into mid-semester. Pray for student leaders and their faculty advisors to be encouraged and sustained throughout the semester. 
  • October 19 – Pray for God to use Skip McDonald in a mighty way this weekend as she teaches a mental health first aid class for InterVarsity international student leaders at Emory University.
  • October 20 - Praise for the good level of response we’ve received on social media. We ask for continuing prayer that this engagement would continue.
  • October 21 – Pray for the many nurses across the country who are praying about beginning a professional nurse group in their area and are seeking others to be a part of local leadership teams. Pray for other men and women to support ministry in their local area.
  • October 22 - Pray for resources to be available to see NCF’s ministry thrive. Pray for partners that can pray, volunteer, and give. 
  • October 23 – Pray for nursing students across the country – many who struggle with anxiety and depression. Pray their identity would remain rooted in Jesus Christ.
  • October 24 – Pray for recent nursing graduates as they enter their first year of professional practice. Pray for strong connections with their preceptors as they learn and take on increasing responsibility. Pray also for each graduate to have someone they trust who can listen, support, and pray with them through the challenges they will face.
  • October 25 – Pray for the East Texas Nurses Christian Fellowship Fall Retreat that begins today. Pray for God to use this weekend to encourage, support, and renew nursing students and nurses in their relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • October 26– Pray for guidance as the Planning Committee for the NCF International 2020 World Congress continues to meet and prepare for the July conference. Pray for funding and the approval of visas for nurses who will be traveling to Denver, CO. Pray for God to speak through the plenary and breakout sessions.
  • October 27 – We praise God and ask for continuing prayers for the health of the family members of our NCF and JCN staff. God has been faithful amidst the unknown. Pray for healing and protection of our families. Pray for deepening trust in our relationship with Him.
  • October 28 - Pray for nurses who are struggling hard with their work situations; that they could sense the Holy Spirit in them and around them. Pray for wisdom, grace, patience, endurance, as they serve God.
  • October 29 – We ask for clarity, wisdom, and discernment for the information God wants communicated as Skip McDonald continues to write a series of Bible studies focusing on mental health.
  • October 30 - Ask the Holy Spirit to work in and through all of the computer hardware, software, and internet systems NCF uses to reach out to nurses, students, and educators. Pray for protection from glitches and wisdom on how to use these systems well for God’s Kingdom.
  • October 31 – Pray for growth and sustainability among our student and professional nurse groups. We ask the Lord to give wisdom and encouragement to the leaders of these groups. Help us to find creative ways to share the love of Jesus Christ and to be a supportive presence with each other.