November 2019 Prayer and Praise

In Paul’s letter to the church in Colossae, you’ll find an incredible, life-changing prayer:

            …We continually ask God to fill you with the knowledge of His will through all the wisdom and understanding that the Spirit gives, so that you may live a life worthy of the Lord and please Him in every way: bearing fruit in every good work, growing in the knowledge of God, being strengthened with all power according to His glorious might so that you may have great endurance and patience, and giving joyful thanks to the Father, who has qualified you to share in the inheritance of His holy people in the kingdom of light. For He has rescued us from the dominion of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of the Son He loves, in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins.

                                                                                                Colossians 1: 9b-14 (NIV)

These verses were like a drink of cool water to me. Life is full. Very full. Evenings and weekends are filling up (and we haven’t even hit the holiday season yet!). Relationships within families are broken and that brokenness affects so many others. How do I keep up? How do I allow myself to be present when I feel pulled in so many directions? How do I keep my cup filled? What do I pray for? Sound familiar?

These verses created a pause. The words are for me. The words are for you.

  • We need to ask the Spirit each day to fill us with the knowledge of His will. His will…not our own. His wisdom and understanding. It changes completely how we look at our day and what we are experiencing. It provides a solid foundation in the chaos and challenges we face.
  • Experiencing true purpose and seeing good fruit in what we do is possible and pleasing. It’s not the result of “doing.” It begins by “being.” It’s growing in our knowledge of who God is. The longer I walk in my faith, the more I recognize how much I have to learn about Him. 
  • His power strengthens us so that we can stand. We can endure. We can act with patience – a skill I am learning is a very active process. It takes energy to be patient. Patience and so much more is possible when we stand on His strength. Not our own.
  • Giving thanks to the Father becomes a part of who we are. It gives us a different mindset. It allows us to be more aware of His presence in all we encounter and experience.
  • We share a great inheritance. We have worth. We have value. We are redeemed. We walk as sons and daughters as people of the kingdom of light!

As we head into a busy holiday season, walk with hope. Walk with strength and purpose and patience. Walk with the comfort of His presence in each part of your day. Know that we are praying this for you. We also are very aware and grateful for your prayers for Nurses Christian Fellowship.

Blessings to each of you!

Christy Secor RN, DNP, CDWF, NCF Professional Ministries Director

You can download the November Prayer Calendar here.

November Prayer Calendar

  • November 1 – Praise God for the faculty advisors and student leaders who are ministering to nursing students in over 130 schools across the country. Pray that the Holy Spirit infuses NCF meetings and blesses students and leaders.
  • November 2 – Pray for the health and well-being of NCF staff members, reviewers, and their families. Please remember Constance Thomas, one of our reviewers, who is currently experiencing health needs.
  • November 3 – We praise God for three new professional nurse groups that are beginning their planning and outreach to nurses where they live and work! Pray for the leaders of the Greater Orlando nurse group in Florida; the Mississippi Gulf Coast nurse group, and the Cleveland, Ohio nurse group. May God draw nurses to these groups to be a source of encouragement and strength in all they do.
  • November 4 – Pray for our current outreach to NCF alumni. We are praying for these alumni to re-engage in the exciting ministry of seeing more and more nurses reached with the good news of Jesus. Pray they would want to pray, volunteer, join, and give to NCF. 
  • November 5 – Pray for the success of our professional nurse groups who are conducting different holiday outreach events. Our Dover, Delaware NCF group is filling baskets for Thanksgiving and our Raleigh, North Carolina NCF group is supporting a nurse who is going through a difficult time right now. Pray we can be a light and encouragement to others.
  • November 6 – Praise God for the appointment of a new full time NCF Campus Staff Minister! Pray for Katharine as she begins her journey of ministry partnership development and seeks ministry partners to support her work with nursing students.
  • November 7 – Pray for more reviewers and more authors for the Journal of Christian Nursing. We have some excellent leads on articles, but we need authors to have the time to turn in what they "promised" to us.
  • November 8 – NCF as a whole is experiencing a significant financial operating deficit. Ask the Holy Spirit to lead staff in seeking out ministry partners to support the work God has called NCF to. Pray that people would be stirred to give and respond. Pray for wisdom in how to manage operating expenses.
  • November 9 – We praise God for making His presence known at the East Texas NCF Retreat held in October in Gilmer, TX. There were 45 nurses and 19 students who attended the conference which focused on rest in the midst of the storm. One group of six students from the University of Texas at Austin drove more than 250 miles through rain, darkness, and heavy traffic! Relationships and connections were made. Pray as God continues to work in and through these relationships to support and equip students and nurses.
  • November 10 – Our marketing and communications team has been working diligently with others from InterVarsity to complete integration of our current membership with MailChimp so that we can better communicate with our members. It is a HUGE praise to see the integration finally being complete. We ask for prayer as we learn how to navigate this "new to us" system.
  • November 11 – Ask Jesus to speak to each NCF staff member in their quiet times with Him. Pray that God’s Holy Word would speak profoundly as each one studies the Bible. 
  • November 12 – We thank God for our NCF student groups located in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. Pray for the faculty and nursing students at Bethel University, Crown College, and University of Northwestern St. Paul.  Pray for contacts with students at University of Minnesota, and the beginning of a group there.  
  • November 13 – Pray ourNCF members would continue to see the value in membership and choose to connect with other Christian nurses and the community even amidst the busyness of this season.
  • November 14 – We thank God along with Kathy Schoonover-Shoffner, NCF Director, and her husband, Richard, for God’s healing power working in Richard since his severe traumatic brain injury in October 2018. Ask God to use suffering to bring glory to Himself and make Jesus known; pray also for wisdom as the plan for their lives continues to unfold as Richard lives with disability. 
  • November 15 – Pray for the JCN team as some minor changes are made in their process of following manuscripts. Editors will now be following manuscripts from start to finish. Pray for success in this pilot. 
  • November 16 – Pray for the NCF International World Congress that will be held in July 2020 at Colorado Christian University. Pray for delegates around the world to be successful at acquiring visas and the funds necessary to attend the conference. Pray also for the planning team as details for the conference are discussed and finalized. May God use this time together to strengthen nurses and the profession of nursing around the world.
  • November 17 – Pray for success as new NCF items are brought into the InterVarsity Store. Pray for students and nurses to use these items not only to show support for the ministry, but encourage conversations with others to answer questions like, “What is Nurses Christian Fellowship?”
  • November 18 – Pray for wisdom in marketing and communications efforts throughout the holiday season. Pray that Jesus and a relationship with Him would remain the focus of our messages.
  • November 19 – We thank God for 16 nurses who came to the NCF Twin Cities Minnesota meeting in October as we discussed "What Do I Do Next?  Biblical and Ethical Responses to Tough Choices Facing the 21st Century Nurse.”  Pray for wisdom regarding our focus for our next meeting in February as the planning team meets today.  Pray also for two team members facing health challenges.  
  • November 20 – Pray for nurses who are not members of NCF to be filled with a desire to go deeper with the Lord and for this desire to draw them to NCF as a member.
  • November 21 – We ask God for sharp editorial skills and teamwork as the Journal of Christian Nursing staff works from remote locations across the U.S. to produce meaningful and Christ-reflecting articles for the Journal. Pray for a focus on excellence in all they do rather than a mindset of perfection. 
  • November 22 – Pray for our faith community nurses as they develop relationships with others within their churches and communities. Pray for the resources and support they need to be successful as they educate, advocate, comfort, and care for others. 
  • November 23 – Pray for student ministries as we launch a coaching program this month to stop "back door loss," the loss of NCF chapters due to any number of factors. Pray for the logistics of the launch as well as excitement on the part of all to see healthy and thriving student groups. 
  • November 24 – Pray for students and nurses to experience a smooth process as they sign up for membership. Pray also for a strong response with our upcoming holiday membership promotions.
  • November 25 – Praise God for the NCF leadership team—Christy Secor, Professional Ministries Director; Jen Wojtysiak, Student Ministries Director; Kristen Mauk, Senior Editor for JCN, and Jessica Harper, Marketing & Communications Manager; and Kathy Schoonover-Shoffner, NCF Director. Ask God to continue to build unity and guide them in leading NCF.
  • November 26 – Pray for InterVarsity staff and for each NCF staff member who will be participating in InterVarsity’s Staff Conference in January 2020. Pray for God to use this time to deepen relationship with Him and with each other; and to help us create connection in work that is taking place around the country to support nursing students and nurses.
  • November 27 – Pray that God will bless and lead in establishing 150 nursing student groups and 50 professional nurse groups by the end of spring semester 2020. 
  • November 28 – We thank God for all He is doing through the work and ministry of NCF and for the students, faculty, and nurses who support this ministry and organization. May God continue to use each of us to impact the lives of others and to reflect His love in all we do.
  • November 29 – Continue to pray for support and encouragement of our teams of professional nurse group leaders. Pray for wisdom in addressing the unique challenges each group faces. Draw other nurses to these groups so they can experience support, encouragement and growth in their own faith and practice. 
  • November 30 – Pray for each staff member to entrust the ministry of NCF fully to the Lord as we plan and engage others as ministry partners and seek ways to make this ministry and organization meaningful to our members.