NCF Connections, October 2018

Thank youCould Gratitude Morph your Mindset?

Gratitude provides many physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits. How do we develop a mindset of gratitude? Join other NCF members on Thursday, November 15 for our member webinar as we consider simple ways of Grabbing onto Gratitude. Become a member today and join this encouraging, life-giving conversation!

CALMKeep Calm

When work or our personal life is choppy and the weight is heavy, others often help us shoulder the load. Bangladeshi nurse Bulbuli Mollick describes how a nurse friend helped her find CALM in God’s Word.

agingWhat Promotes Successful Aging?

What faith community nursing interventions aid successful aging? This study describes simple, significant ways nurses are making a difference. This article is free through Nov. 11; CE is available, too.

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Christian Nursing School DirectoryThinking About Going Back to School?

Have you been thinking about getting an advanced nursing degree or wondered about good schools for friends and family? Check out our Directory of Christian Nursing Schools in North America. Multiple degrees in a face-to-face or online setting are available from these Christian nursing schools.

Delaware NCFRevived Compassion through Shared Goals

A nurses group in Delaware is energizing nurses who are extending their reach to students and the community. Glean ideas for your own nurse group.

Urbana Missions Conference, Dec. 27-31

NCF at Urbana

Urbana: A catalytic event for students, faculty, church and ministry leaders, missions organizations and schools. If you’re a student, ask God if you should be there. If you’re a nurse, pray for discernment about who you can influence or provide a scholarship for at this pivotal triennial experience.

Christmas 2018