NCF Connections, October 2013


Praying With Patients?

Praying with Patients

What is the role of prayer in clinical practice? “Christian nurses need to employ best practices in praying for patients,” writes YeounSoo Kim-Godwin in her feature article, “Prayer in Clinical Practice: What Does Evidence Support?” in the new Journal of Christian Nursing. Also see the free editorial, “Praying With Patients,” by Kathy Schoonover Shoffner, JCN editor.


Enslaved and Sick

Price of Life

As a healthcare professional, how do you identify victims of human trafficking in your medical practice – and what can you do about it? This was a hot topic at four healthcare workshops at the Price of Life NYC. Students and professionals learned how and what to report, and discussed how to develop policy and protocol in their workplaces. Read Rx Rescue for how one NCF graduate is passionate about “Healthcare at the Heart of Abolition.”


SleepyRecognizing My Limitations

Nursing student Megan Wisdom admits, “It’s just the beginning of the school year, but the Lord has been talking to me about rest. I’m discovering how to be refreshed by him. This means than when I’m out of energy, I’m out. And that’s okay. God created us to rest, and when we deny ourselves that, we aren’t caring for the body he has given us, and we aren’t able to truly love others. <more>


Renee TeachingTeaching Spiritual Care

Did you learn how to assess the spiritual needs of patients when you were in nursing school? It’s now part of the curriculum at UIC. Last week Renee Lick was invited to speak on “Caring for the Spiritual Needs of our Patients” to more than 220 nursing students and faculty at UIC. Renee addressed how the spiritual life of nurses directly affects the spiritual care given to their patients. She asked every student to find a partner and answer one of these spiritual assessment questions for themselves . . . <more>