NCF Connections, November 2014

Give ThanksHope in Thankfulness

Like love and faith, our hope as Christians grows and blossoms by identifying the simplest things and thanking God for them, even when we are buried beneath the trials of life.  This is also true for our patients struggling with illnesses and diseases. No matter the situation, there is always something to be thankful for. Read more from Carrie Dameron.

UntouchableEncountering the Untouchable

My patient was a convicted murderer who tried to hang himself after a life sentence. Someone found him in time and he survived, but he was severely brain damaged, neglected and bedridden. Many nurses scorned him or refused to care for him. Then I was called on to care for him, and I was reminded of how Jesus provided a healing encounter for a repulsive patient. Read more from Bonnie Hann.

Being MortalTalking about Mortality: A Book Review

“Am I going to die?” Doctors are often uncomfortable with the question and generally respond with treatment options that may be ineffective, costly, and detrimental to the quality of a patient’s life. Dr. Atul Gawande wants to change this. His new book, Being Mortal, identifies how the medical system fails the dying by not addressing what truly matters to the patient at the end of life. He writes, “Medical professionals concentrate on repair of health, not sustenance of the soul.” Read the review.



Give a gift of NCF membershipGive the Gift of NCF Membership

Give a one-year NCF Membership gift package to a nurse or nursing student who will benefit from joining a professional nursing organization with a Christian focus. Membership benefits include the Journal of Christian Nursing, discounts on credits for continuing education, and networking with others who are following Jesus in the nursing profession. Find out more about the Gift of NCF Membership.


Blessing in DisguiseBlessing in Disguise

On a blustery winter day, I walked out of a store and found a note on my windshield that I had a flat tire. I was running errands and could have thought, “Really? It’s 30 degrees out here!” However, I smiled when I thought of how God had prepared me. Here is my list of reasons to be thankful in a moment of unexpected stress. Read more from Cindy Carter.


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