NCF Connections, June 2013

Opportunities for Growth

NCF is growing

Rejoice with us in another fruitful season of ministry among nurses, nursing students and educators. God is showering the nursing profession with his healing love! Our fiscal year ends June 30th and we need your help to meet expenses. Will you consider a contribution this week for NCF Ministry. Find out what Jane Hall is dreaming for next year and how you can invest in NCF Growth in the future.


Connie Jarlsberg: Nurse with a mission

Connie's Strategic Calling

Nursing is far more than an occupation. Since my student days in an NCF Bible study, I understood that God had called me to nursing for more than just making a living, developing good clinical and observation skills, and giving excellent care. God wanted me in nursing because he had a strategy in mind. Nursing is that place where I can be obedient to God’s call to follow him as a disciple -- and make disciples. Each of us is strategically placed where God can use us. Read more»


CompassionMoved with Compassion

"There is a lot of talk in my country about compassion, particularly in relation to nursing – and why people today are seeing a lack of compassion in the profession,” writes Steve Fouch with Nurses Christian Fellowship International (NCFI). “But what does compassion really mean?” Read more»


JCN and Faith Community Nursing

Faith Community Nursing

The Journal of Christian Nursing offers articles, research, and continuing education specific to faith community nursingit’s the only journal committed to including this specialty area of nursing in every issue. Check out the online Faith Community/Parish Nursing Topical Collection (free to NCF members!) and the regular column, “Nursing in the Church.” Discover JCN’s faith community nursing CE at NursingCenter’s CE Connection.

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Igniting Nursing

Igniting Nursing

“God doesn’t look for outcomes; he looks for faithfulness,” said our speaker, Dr. Kamalini Kumar, to 80 nurses who gathered for the NCF Nurses Breakfast Seminar in the Twin Cities. She reminded us that there is so much we have no control over. Yet our circle of influence – for good or evil – is great. Jesus told his followers they are the light of the world and the salt of the earth. We must ask ourselves, “Is my influence healing?Read more»


Finding a Tumor

TunnelNCF speaker Pat Farrell needs surgery. She was recently diagnosed with a benign tumor that may become aggressive. “My logical brain wonders if there are more tumors past the field of vision of my physician's endoscope,” Pat writes in her blog post, “A Journey of Hope: A Diagnosis Reveals More Than Just a Tumor.”

Pat honestly reveals her thoughts and feelings, “Am I afraid? No, not really. At first, what I really felt was inconvenienced. I've got work to do and I don't have time for surgery. But then, what occurred to me is that perhaps this is part of my work. . . more»