NCF Connections, July 2014


Practice of PresenceThe Practice of Presence

“I heard a commotion and found one of my patients screaming, banging doors, and hitting walls,” recalls Kathy Schoonover Shoffner, RN, PhD, during a recent shift. She was reminded that a caring presence is the most indispensable nursing intervention we can offer, especially in pressured circumstances.

Read more of Kathy’s editorial, “Caring Under Pressure,” in the Journal of Christian Nursing, July – September 2014.


Delaware NCFDelaware Nurse Chapter Gives Back

The active members of the Delaware NCF nurse chapter host events to support local outreach ministries and raise scholarship funds for their first Christian Nursing Grant for a nursing student.

“As Christian nurses, we strive to contribute to the advancement of nursing by encouraging and incorporating our Christian beliefs into all aspects of our profession and practice,” said Lisa Rossi, a leader of the NCF group. Read more⇒


Innovations in Nursing

Innovations in Nursing 2014

God has answered our prayers at the Innovations in Faith-based Nursing Conference! Throughout the planning, we had a strong sense that God was going to use this conference in the lives of the nurses, nurse educators, and others who came. It was a joy to see God working!

“This was an extremely nourishing, informative and inspiring conference,” said one of the participants. “This was my first time and I will be back. It was phenomenal. Coming from a secular, large, public university, this was an extraordinary experience that has changed my perspective on what I do.” Read more⇒


JCN Quick PollTake the JCN Quick Poll

Whooping Cough is a serious, highly-contagious respiratory infection--and a growing problem. Read The Growing Global Pertussis Problem and learn how you can lessen the impact of pertussis.

Q: According to the CDC, when should pertussis ALWAYS be suspected? Cast your vote here.

o   coughing spells are prolonged
o   vomiting occurs with coughing
o   copious amounts of sputum
o   patient did not receive vaccination

Flourish: Atlanta

Flourish: Atlanta

Live out your calling with courage and confidence at this special conference on September 13, 2014. Join InterVarsity’s Women in the Academy & Professions to develop and steward your God-given talents for the sake of his glory, your joy, and the good of the world. Read more⇒


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