NCF Connections, July 2013


2012-13 Bulletin Board

2012-13: A Fruitful Year

Our NCF bulletin board says it all: Last year was a fruitful year of ministry among nursing students! We asked how NCF made a difference in their lives. This is what they said . . . more »


Holistic or Wholistic?

Holistic or Wholistic?

When you give integrated whole-patient care, is your nursing holistic or wholistic? What’s the difference? See what Kathy Schoonover-Shoffner has to say about this topic in her new editorial for the Journal of Christian Nursing, July/Sept 2013.



Rest for the Vacationing Soul

Vacations can be exhausting. Often I return from a vacation more tired than when I left. Yes, a change of scenery can be wonderful, but I’ve learned that time away from work does not automatically create a restful soul. How do I balance work and rest, pressure and relaxation, relationships and solitude? <more>


All is well in Uganda

Uganda Update

Connie Jarlsberg, former NCF staff, reports, “God is opening amazing opportunities with peer health educators from some slum churches through a VIVA-funded grant. These peer educators are recommended by their pastors. It’s fun teaching them to give spiritual care and they feel like they are actually making a difference in people's lives. Their role is educating and referring people to government clinics so pray for a friendly, helpful healthcare person when they arrive at the clinic.”


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