NCF Connections, February 2018

wearyAre You Weary?

As nurses, it’s easy to get over-tired and into a funk. How do you get off the burnout track and refresh your heart? Kathy Schoonover-Shoffner offers insights from an ancient traveler—Abraham—for revitalizing herself and fellow nurses. Read more in her editorial from Journal of Christian Nursing.

This year marks the 70th anniversary of Nurses Christian Fellowship. Every year God changes people’s lives through NCF ministry. We look to the past with gratitude and to the future with great expectancy. For today, we strive to be faithful. See what core traits continue to define our ministry over decades.

weight managementThe Role of FCNs in Weight Management

Faith community nurses are strategically positioned to come alongside overweight individuals and assist them in lifestyle changes aimed at weight reduction. Learn more about how biblical faith empowers change for better health in this article from Journal of Christian Nursing.

Rev. GrahamInterVarsity Remembers Billy Graham

“There are a thousand things you can do with your life; a thousand ways you can spend it,” Billy Graham said at InterVarsity’s Urbana 87 missions conference. “But how many of them will enable you to say at the end of your life, no reserves, no retreat, no regrets?” We are deeply enriched by Billy Graham’s devoted partnership to bring the gospel message to generations of college students.

CANAInfusing Hope in Nursing

Plan now to connect with other nurses by attending an inspirational conference this summer, Infusing Hope in Nursing: A Christian Perspective. Don’t miss this opportunity to refresh your hope and your ability to bring the hope of Christ to others!  Join us for the NCFI CANA conference July 19-22, 2018, in Azusa, California.