NCF Connections, August 2014

Healing Encounters with Jesus

Healing Encounters with Jesus

New NCF Bible studies! People who encountered Jesus were never the same again. With compassion and dignity, Jesus brought health and wholeness to the sick and suffering.

How do we encounter Jesus today? Invite your friends, classmates or coworkers to discuss these New Testament stories designed for those in nursing practice. Learn how to do a nursing assessment on Bible characters and how to apply Scripture to nursing by putting faith into practice. Here are the first four studies in this new series: “Healing Encounters with Jesus.”

Renee LickA New Season for Renee Lick

Please join our NCF staff team in saying thank you to Renee Lick, NCF Student Ministries Director. God has called Renee to leave her position with NCF at the end of August.

She will continue ministering to students and faculty through another position with InterVarsity’s Graduate and Faculty ministry in Chicago. We are very grateful for Renee’s rich contributions to NCF over the past ten years. Read more⇒


What Are You Doing Here?Back to School With a Purpose: the Video

Please pray for nursing students who are returning to rigorous schedules this fall and for their witness for Jesus in their schools of nursing. Also pray that God will equip many pre-nursing students to be trained in discipleship as freshmen and sophomores and ready to lead NCF groups as juniors and seniors. In partnership with InterVarsity, our vision is for every student to know the answer to the question, “What Are You Doing Here?”

PriscillaJoy in Serving God

Priscilla Yeboah was born in Ghana, West Africa and moved to the U.S. when she was 11 years old. She says, “My faith grew through the experiences I had in college. I thank God for InterVarsity and NCF because it was another opportunity for God to increase my faith and ground me deeper in his Word.”

Priscilla loves nursing and wants to serve as a missionary nurse. For her, nursing is a calling and a career. When she is with patients, she learns about being Christ’s servant. Read more ⇒


NCLEXNot a Failure

“My journey to passing the NCLEX-RN taught me about myself and, more importantly, about who God is in my life,” writes James Sellen, BSN, RN, a 2013 graduate who failed the test twice. “Through all of these failures I discovered every journey in life is a combination of physical things we see and unseen spiritual lessons. The spiritual lessons I learned changed my life.” Read more from the Journal of Christian Nursing.


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