NCF Connections, April 2017

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National Nurses WeekNursing: The Balance of Mind, Body and Spirit

National Nurses Week is around the corner! This year’s theme, “Nursing: The Balance of Mind, Body and Spirit,” provides natural opportunities for Christian nurses to invite others to consider God’s view of holistic health. Here is a Bible study on the theme and other resources for you to take advantage of this special week and encourage nurse friends and colleagues in their faith and nursing practice.

Nursing StudentsEquipping Nursing Students

In my last blog, I shared three words that capture the mission and vision of NCF Student Ministries. We long for nursing students and educators to be encouraged, equipped, and empowered. I want to expand on the second of those three words: What does it mean for students and faculty to be equipped?

Loving OurselvesThe Challenge of Loving Ourselves

Nurses have a tough balancing act. We struggle to care for ourselves as we care for others. God’s words to us in the Bible are very applicable to this year’s theme for National Nurses Week, “Nursing, The Balance of Mind, Body, and Spirit.”  Hear what Jesus said about a balanced life in this special NCF Bible study prepared to encourage you toward holistic health. Read more.

Transforming Moral DistressTransforming Moral Distress into Resilience

Nurses in all roles encounter morally distressing situations. It is pervasive, causing burnout, lack of empathy, or job dissatisfaction. At the organizational level, it may lead to reduced quality of care, increased staff turnover, and poor patient outcomes. Yet a new study suggests that moral distress can become a catalyst for positive action. Read more.

What Does the Bible Say About Suffering?The Bible’s View of Suffering

Human suffering is a universal problem. As nurses, we see plenty of it. We know there are no easy answers, so how do we address the problem of suffering? Brian Han Gregg explores twelve themes related to the issue of human suffering in his book, What Does the Bible Say About Suffering? from InterVarsity Press. Read more.

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