NCF Policy for Promoting and Advertising Events

NCF only promotes or advertises events that are approved and offered or co-sponsored by NCF members or constituents. Contact NCF to submit your request for promotion of an event.  If your event does not meet the NCF criteria for promoting an event or if you want to reach a broad audience of nurses, contact Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins, the publisher of the Journal of Christian Nursing, to place a banner ad on the JCN website or in the quarterly print magazine.

NCF staff will promote and/or advertise events on the NCF website, Facebook, social media, and other appropriate communications based on the following criteria:

  1. The event is designed and sponsored by NCF/USA, a local NCF ministry, or Christian, biblically-based organization that provides an educational or spiritually-focused program for nurses and/or students.
  2. The program must present a topic of interest and value to NCF constituents and must include a Christian, biblical perspective on the topic.
  3. The program must not conflict with an NCF initiative, program, or the purposes and doctrinal statement of NCF/InterVarsity.
  4. NCF staff has the capacity to create an email communication to the appropriate NCF constituency, website entry, or other communication. 

9/25/14- jh