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Overcoming difficulties is routine for Misty Blue Foster, an NCF Mistymember in California with spina bifida and cloacal exstrophy. Her incredible story recently made the local newspaper after she received a Great Comebacks award. "I credit my faith and God's grace for the many blessings and help he has bestowed on me to get where I am today" said Misty. Thanks for inspiring us, Misty!



Wonderful response!!!

Misty Blue now has a video speech on YouTube "My Name is Misty Blue" - The Misty Blue Foster Story Part 1 of 4: Part 2 of 4: Part 3 of 4: Part 4 of 4: Inspirational story about Misty Blue Fosters life, from being born with a major birth defect, to losing her mother at a young age, and growing up in foster care, to adulthood, getting married and her life in the nursing field. “You can’t always control what you are given in life, but you can control what you do with it,” - Misty Blue Foster 2009

Nursing Times based in London UK, did a role model article about Misty Blue Foster last week. 'A lot of children thought they couldn’t go to college if they had a disability'

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