IVCF President speaks out

Alec HillWhat does the Supreme Court's verdict mean for campus ministries like NCF and InterVarsity?

"I have concerns about how this decision may impact our 860 chapters and other campus ministries," said Alec Hill, president of InterVarsity and a former law professor, in an article for Christianity Today. He speaks out about the legal impact, cultural significance and theological reassurance that "God's purposes will be accomplished whatever obstacles present themselves." We have confidence that our NCF student groups have a life-giving message of hope and healing in Jesus that will not be smothered.


I can't image a society without Christ..........this culture needs Christ!! We need Chapters like yours to spread the word, to feed the spirit and to tell many generations to come, about our Lord! However, I am not surprised by the senate vote...this is not a surprise to God either!!! The Bible tells us that the world will grow cold and I see it all around us. Laurie Audia

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