When Christian Nurses Connect

MeetingSomething incredible happens when Christian nurses come together. Nurses relate to each other as we relate to few others. We talk with understanding about the challenges of nursing, or the rigors of nursing education. We apply the Bible to nursing; we pray together and for each other; we network. God meets us when we come together in his name.

tweetThis summer, nurses, students, and nurse educators will gather at two special conferences in the Midwest and on the West Coast. Nurses Christian Fellowship/USA is a partner and cosponsor for:

At the IWU Innovations conference, nurses (primarily nurse educators) will share their research, quality improvement projects, cultural knowledge, and innovative experiences. Plenary sessions will address: ethical issues challenging Christians in healthcare; thriving in your workplace; and national policy issues impacting nursing. A preconference, the Saline Process, helps healthcare workers learn about sharing faith.

Infusing Hope is the quadrennial regional conference for the NCF International Caribbean and North American Region (Canada, Haiti, U.S.). Plenary sessions will focus on how Jesus infuses hope into nursing education, practice, and in crisis.

Tracks will offer NCFI's International Institute of Christian Nursing curriculum: The Art and Science of Spiritual Care, and Biblical Leadership. Other tracks will be offered on human trafficking, for educators, and a Saline Taster (an abbreviated Saline Process course). There will be individual, small group, and plenary session Bible study. Daily prayer ministry is available.

Visit NCF Conferences for more information on both events. Ask God where he wants to speak to you. I'll be at both conferences and hope to see you!

—Kathy Schoonover-Shoffner, PhD, RN
NCF National Director and Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Christian Nursing



Joining with others at NCF conferences is awe-inspiring! When I attended my first NCF conference in 1992 at Cedar Campus, MI, it was a dream come true- for the first time I was surrounded by nurses who loved Jesus AND nursing and I learned how they FIT together. I found my "tribe" as they say today- I made life-long friends who have encouraged and guided me professionally and personally. Don't miss this chance- Come to Infusing Hope!

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