NCF-Uganda Global Project readies for take-off

Global ProjectsOn July 14 a group of nine nursing students and two NCF staff leave for the NCF-Uganda Global Project. "This will be a transformational experience for each of them," said Connie Jarlsberg, NCF Missions staff who is leading the trip. "They will have an expanded view of God's work in the world when they return to campus and then enter nursing practice."

Each participant is raising $5,000 to cover the cost of the trip.  We praise God that most of them are very close to their goal! Can you help these students get to Uganda this summer? Your contribution will cover some of these pending expenses:

  • $100 per day for transportation costs for the 15-person van.
  • $40 per day for each of three Ugandan nursing students to join us for this project. Their total cost to the project will be $2400.
  • $2,000 to cover the expenses of NCF staff Connie Jarlsberg and Renee Lick who are leading the Global Project.
  • $300 to host a tea for Christian nurses in Uganda who may be interested in starting NCF in Uganda.

Please help these dedicated students explore God's mission for them this summer. Give online at NCF Uganda or send to "NCF-Uganda Global Project," P.O. Box 7895, Madison, WI 53707. Thank you!



What a wonderful opportunity! Thank you, Connie, for leading the way and opening doors for mission experiences for our nursing students. I trust the Lord will provide exactly what is needed at the time it is needed.

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