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hi i am mary i have been a care worker for 30 year care has take a toll on me i am 52 year old and i cant work no more my back and leg are bad.i miss my work

Mary, I am glad you shared this with us! I think that most nurses are wired to want to care for others. It is hard to stop that inclination. Perhaps you can find some creative ways to continue to care, even if you are not able to do the physical work. One thought would be to go to a care facility of some type where you could visit others who are lonely and sit with them to talk, play a game or do an activity/craft with your hands. Some churches need help with childcare to allow moms to have a Bible study. Some childcare might be too much, but maybe you could rock a baby. Check out what volunteer positions might be open in your area that would interest you, be within your ability range and be a service to others. You might find that you benefit as much as those you are caring for.

Kathy, I agree you are too young to retire and I also will be praying that you can find a job that will use your experience and skills and will meet your current physical needs.

I have been a nurse for 33 years, 28 of those in OB. I am now 54 years old and starting to have a lot of problems with arthritis. For the past several months I have been having severe back pain and now am having trouble working my 12 hours shifts and sometimes changing positions such as standing to sitting/sitting to standing. I am beginning to think I may have to give up hospital nursing, but am too young to retire. Does anyone have any suggestions, I have a lot of other experience.

Dear Kathy, Nursing can really take a toll on our bodies, depending on what type of nursing we are involved in. I would think that your wealth of OB knowledge, as well as other realms of nursing knowledge, would make you a great candidate for either a clinic position or phone triage. I would imagine an OB or Family Practice clinic would be thrilled to utilize your skills. Both of these would be less demanding on your joints and hopefully be easier for your body. I will pray that you will find a position that will fit well for you!

Nursing is so difficult work... to care for the patients! Kathy visit this site: http://postjobsforfree.org. As Bonnie said.. we need to pray!

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