UPDATE from Chieko Fukushima, NCF-Japan

Please pray for Chieko, Japan NCF and the Christians in Japan, she writes, “God is showing His CARE and LOVE through Christians and churches. Some accept Jesus. Pray for Christians to keep hope and joy in Jesus so that they can give hope and joy to others. We need God's help and grace. This condition will continue for long long term. We are trying very hard to recover from it but need hope and perseverance. We all are facing to change our lifestyle. We do not know how and what it will be. But I thank God who is unchanging and faithful. I trust HIM and JNCF to put trust in HIM.”


Dear Cheiko, I was in Japan from the 24th march to 2nd April. While in Japan I wanted to meet you. I ws in Mitaka city with my son. However I shall pray for you. RajaJohn

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