A Word of Thanks

What are you thankful for, in one word?

NCF FBThat's a question we asked our NCF Facebook group and here's how 28 people responded: life (2), salvation (3), Jesus (2), family, forgiveness (3), opportunity, God's presence (2), love, grace (2), mercy, mentors, relationships, hospice, grandkids, "DV", health, Christ.

What are we as NCF staff thankful for, in one word? YOU! We are grateful for the thousands of nurses and nursing students who are living for Jesus and giving quality, compassionate care to their patients. Thank you for bringing God's love and healing to nursing and healthcare!

"Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever"; (1 Chronicles 16:34).


And I am thankful for you, NCF staff, and all you do for nurses and nursing students everywhere. Thanksgiving isn't a day on the calendar, it is a frame of mind, lifting our hands of gratitude to our Father and Savior for His many blessings.

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