Why Join NCF?

Member Special

I’ve been a member of Nurses Christian Fellowship for several years now. It has greatly blessed my life's calling to be a nurse as well as an educator. It’s important to support and be connected to an organization such as this one, which knows nursing is more than "a job," more than "an occupation," and it is definitely more than a "chosen career path.

Those words are from a reader on the NCF Facebook page who also wrote, “Nursing is a calling from God, which requires a close relationship with the Heavenly Father in order to operate in and embrace the fullness of His grace and favor in everything you do. I recommend joining NCF Nurses Christian Fellowship/USA to become a part of His family of Faith Community Nurses throughout the world.”

From nursing students who participate in groups at their school for support and spiritual empowering to practicing nurses, APRNs, and nurse educators, NCF is a worthwhile source for professional and personal benefit. Bible study materials, groups, professional development, community, the Journal of Christian Nursing, CE are all part of membership.

Through December 31, you can join NCF or give gift memberships for 25% off the one-year nurse membership cost. Use this link to access the instructions for this discount.


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