Why I Give to the NCF Team

Donate to the NCF TeamI asked the unit manager of a busy outpatient oncology unit, "What do you look for in hiring for your unit?" She responded emphatically, "The nurses here have to be team players, ready to step in for others."

I have been a part of the NCF team since my days as a nursing student. Soon after graduating from my basic nursing program I began supporting an NCF staff member. Friendships established with NCF staff have spanned half a century through my positions as nursing faculty, department chair and dean. NCF has provided me with great growth opportunities through Bible studies, the Journal of Christian Nursing and conferences.

Over the years, I have increased my giving to NCF. When I established a revocable trust, one of my first designations was NCF. As my attorney pointed out, "The organizations you designate in your trust should be ones in which you believe."

With all my years of NCF involvement, I felt that I had the responsibility as a long-time team member to support an organization that has supported me spiritually, emotionally, socially and academically. In fact, I would say that it's not only a responsibility; it's a privilege to remain a part of the NCF team.

Join the NCF team and donate to NCF. Your tax-deductible gifts will equip nurses and students for the year of ministry ahead.

by Pat Kissell, RN, PhD



I, too, have been a part of NCF since nursing school days in the 50's. I have supported it and been blessed by the friendships and conferences I have attended and was able to accompany nursing students to some of them.. Marlene Waller RN MNED

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