The White Umbrella

The White UmbrellaSex trafficking occurs daily in communities all around us. Every year, thousands of young women are forced into sexual exploitation. Most are under the age of 18 with an average age being 14. The damage this causes to their emotions and souls is immeasurable, but they are not without hope. Wellspring Living is an organization leading the way when it comes to survivors of human trafficking. Their true compassion and excellence in care is life changing, not just for the girls they serve, but for those who help survivors out along the way.

The White Umbrella tells stories of survivors as well as those who came alongside to help them to recovery. It describes the pain and the strength of these young women and those who held the “white umbrella” of protection and purity over them on the road to restoration.

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I am studying Human Trafficking and Prostitution and how we as Christian nurses to address. Prostitution is a crime-not work-it's sexual violence. Under 18 years of age-its a form of rape.

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