When nursing practice and moral conviction collide

NJ NurseCan nurses be forced to assist with abortions if they have a moral objection to the procedure?

Recently nurses in New Jersey were threatened with losing their jobs if they did not assist with abortions, so they took the issue to the courts.

As a result of a federal court hearing on Thursday, December 22nd, a New Jersey hospital agreed that it will not force nurses to assist with abortion cases in violation of federal and state law.  The hospital agreed not to replace the pro-life nurses or reduce their hours. The nurses affirmed that if a woman suffers a true emergency from an abortion, they will help protect her until other staff, such as the emergency team, arrives moments later.

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As a bible believing nurse I am often confronted by ethical dilemmas in the work place - everything from a coworker who is not administering medications as ordered to a complete lack of respect for human life. However, we need to take care, regardless of how conservative our stand may be, not to "throw out the baby with the bathwater". Certainly, I would never participate in the murder of a child in the womb, but I would never deny care to any woman before or after such an event. As a nurse I feel Christ-honoring behavior is not to sacrifice respect for the woman simply because she has made choices that I find abhorrent. If I deny her care, the best care I can give, I am judging her life to be worth less because of her choice. Did Christ consider me worth less because of my choices? I thank God He redeemed me, in spite of who am, not because.

Another good resource for info on healthcare and rights of conscience is Freedom2Care at http://www.freedom2care.org/

So many laws and regulations affect healthcare, and when an administration or Congress simply removes conscience protections everyone suffers. If you'd like to follow this kind of issue more closely, Family Research Council has great email updates. (FRC.org) If you'd like to be part of an accountability movement for elected officials, join iCaucus! I've been tracking the US House as a volunteer for one year now, and it's a great way to know what's going on, spread the word, and make a difference. Our goal is to have a branch for each state legislature as well. Check us out at iCaucus.org!

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