What Really Matters

What Really MattersThere are students starting school this month who are about to have their lives radically altered. They don’t know it yet, but Jesus awaits them – and they will be transformed by this encounter with the living Lord.

Across the country, Christian students in NCF groups and InterVarsity chapters are mobilizing for New Student Outreach, ready to meet and greet new arrivals on campus and invite them into authentic communities where faith and life actively intersect. Some new students wonder, what matters to InterVarsity? Everything matters: creation, culture, faith, justice, vocation, people – it all matters.

For half a century, Nurses Christian Fellowship and InterVarsity Christian Fellowship have shared a common vision and mission to invite students into a new life with Jesus. Please pray for NCF students who strive to live out the values in this video.  See why it really matters.


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