What is "Christian" Healthcare?

Renee at CCHFEarlier this month 550 healthcare students and professionals gathered to discuss this question at the CCHF (Christian Community Health Fellowship) Conference in Nashville, TN. Together we explored what it means to live out the gospel of Jesus through healthcare among the poor.

Throughout the conference, we discovered that we can talk a lot about Christian healthcare, but first we need to focus on our own relationship with God. We need to be dependent upon God to lead us as we serve in healthcare and to remember that he is ultimately in control. This dependence can be difficult when we want to "fix" problems and quickly guide our patients into better health.

Perhaps what makes healthcare "Christian" is a foundational dependence on God who loves us and wants us to love and care for our neighbors.

During the conference I had the joy of teaching a session on mentoring with NCF colleague Skip McDonald. Please join me in praying that young nurses like Amy (pictured here) would find mentors to guide them and that more nurses would be mentors to those who are following in their footsteps.

--by Renee Lick, NCF Student Ministries Director


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