We Have Again Witnessed a Tragedy

4282012oikosuOnce again we have witnessed a tragedy on a campus. Students, faculty, and administrators of Oikos University in Oakland, CA and their loved ones are experiencing grief and sadness. After a similar tragedy at the University of Arizona College of Nursing, Mary Thompson, former NCF Director, wrote a message and a Bible study to help victims and others cope with this tragedy.  Her message about our responses to crisis events and how Jesus is always with us is timeless. You can find Mary’s message at:

We have witnessed a tragedy

Jesus meets those who are grieving

Please pray for students at Oikos University who returned to classes last week after the April 2 shooting rampage in the nursing school that killed 7 people. Pray that God would bring comfort and healing to all affected by this event.



I had not heard about the Oikos tragedy ... will be praying for all involved...

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