Urbana 2018

UrbanaThe Urbana Missions Conference is just around the corner! Thousands of students and faculty will be coming together in Saint Louis, Missouri December 27-31. NCF will be hosting the Healthcare Students and Professionals Lounge in the Marriott Grand hotel. 

Billy Graham once estimated that at least half of the world’s active missionaries can trace their calling back to an Urbana Missions Conference. God has used Urbana faithfully to call college students into his global mission, and we are expecting the same to happen this December at Urbana 2018!

Many students who attend Urbana will be in the healthcare field, and for the first time ever, NCF will be hosting the Healthcare Students and Professionals Lounge. We hope that many healthcare students will use our space to process and reflect on what they have been hearing during the conference.

We are especially excited to connect with nursing students at Urbana, including the 14 students who have received conference scholarships from NCF. NCF staff will welcome, bless, pray with, and encourage nursing students in the lounge as they consider their role in God’s global mission. Can you imagine the collective potential of these hundreds of nursing students who commit to bringing the hope and light of Christ to wherever God places them? They can alter the future of healthcare!

Would you please join us in prayer for Urbana and for the Healthcare Lounge? Here is a simple day-by-day prayer guide:

  • December 27: Pray for the NCF staff team as we set up the lounge. Pray that God will grant us wisdom to know how to create a space of hospitality for healthcare students.
  • December 28: Pray for healthcare – including nursing – students to come to our lounge. Pray that God will help us “get the word out” about this space.
  • December 29: Pray for the NCF staff team as we pray with healthcare students and professionals. Pray that the Holy Spirit would grant us discernment to know how to walk with them as they seek the heart of God.
  • December 30: Pray for many nursing students to give their whole lives to God’s global mission, whether locally or abroad.
  • December 31: Pray that God would bring nursing students and faculty to the lounge who are interested in starting new NCF chapters on their campus.

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