Update from Uganda

An update from Renee Lick in Uganda - July 19, 2010

Dear friends: Thank you for all your prayers as we journeyed to Uganda this weekend! All eleven of us have arrived safely and we are quickly acclimating to the time change. Focus UgandaEveryone is healthy (although a little tired) and we are now enjoying time with our partners with FOCUS Uganda (Fellowship of Christian Unions).

Yesterday we enjoyed attending Kampala Baptist Church where we took part in the pre-service Bible study with university students. The experience of worshiping God alongside our Ugandan brothers and sisters was a highlight for us all as we sang "Jabulani" together, "Sing for joy, O Africa; the Lord your God is risen upon you. . . ."

We appreciate your prayers for us as we visit ministries, hospitals, and universities in the coming days. We have welcomed Esther to our team, a Ugandan nursing student. It has been a joy to learn about nursing in Uganda through her. Please pray for another Ugandan nursing student, Faith, who is now sick but hopes to join our team soon.

Thank you for all your encouragement, support, and prayers! It is because we are supported by such a wonderful community at home that we are able to be a part of God's work here in Uganda.

God's peace to you, Renee Lick, NCF staff


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