Top 5 NCF Blog Posts of 2014

We’ve collected the highlight reel of the top posts on the NCF Nurses Blog for 2014. They reflect a diversity of stories from NCF nurses, students, faculty, and staff. Yet they all share a common theme: faith in Jesus makes a difference for those who love and serve God.

May God’s Spirit fill you for his glory in 2015!

C. Dameron#1 Christian Nursing 101

What does it mean to be a Christian nurse? How is Christian faith reflected in essential skills for our profession and practice?


 #2 Barbara White: a World-Changer

B. WhiteDr. Barbara White, RN, CNS, is a world-changer in healthcare education. She is passionate about how Christian nurses can make a difference in healthcare. “Hospitals are filled with holy moments,” she says.

#3 Take Care!

Take Care

Nurses, as caregivers, are often the last people to take care of themselves. Airline emergency prep procedures instruct passengers to put on their own oxygen mask before assisting others. This is an example to apply to our lives as nurses.


#4 Nursing Students See Answered Prayer

NCF Student group

When Meghan and her friends started a new Bible study last fall, they prayed that God would bring more students. God answered their prayers beyond what they imagined!

#5 God is Omnipotent


Nurses know the five rights of medication administration and check that medications don’t lose effectiveness or potency over time. Unlike medications, God never loses his strength, potency, or effectiveness.


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