Top 5 for 2011

NCF BlogIt's been a busy year with 98 articles posted to the NCF Nurses Blog. Here's the highlight reel of our most popular, just in case you missed them:

  1. Nurses Trusted to Care: The top spot reflects the heart of our NCF mission as we posted ideas and tips for embracing other nurses with the love of Jesus during National Nurses Week in May.
  2. Nurse's Negativity: A nursing student's observations on the positive – and negative – attitudes of the nurses on her new rotation.
  3. Give JCN this Christmas: We're proudly trumpeting the Journal of Christian Nursing; it's a year-long treasure for nurses of faith!
  4. God is God and I am not: A new nurse is frustrated when she can't fix her patients' problems.
  5. Stop the Traffick: the Nurse's Role: The story of a recent graduate making a difference in the world.

Overall, the NCF blog was viewed 11,000 times in 2011 (the equivalent of 4 sold-out concerts at the Sydney Opera House!). See more "Crunchy Numbers" in the annual report from WordPress.

Check out more news, stories and helpful articles coming in 2012 on the NCF Nurses Blog! We're looking forward to what God will be doing this year!

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