Is there Traffic in your Backyard?

Human TrafficHuman trafficking is the fastest growing criminal enterprise in the world. As nurses, how do we recognize victims of this injustice? And what can we do for them?

Nita Belles unpacks the issues in the article, Helping Human Trafficking Victims in our Backyard. "Sadly, health workers have not been trained to recognize the red flags that indicate when a patient is a victim of human trafficking," Nita says.

Backyard Swing"It is possible one nurse may be the only trusted individual who can connect a victim with desperately needed help," Nita writes. "Trust is key to empowering the trafficking victim to reach for freedom. Nurses are especially skilled at building trust."

JCN Editor Kathy Schoonover-Shoffner adds, "I encourage you to read her moving exposé and realize the opportunity we have as nurses to be a part of rescuing trafficking victims." See Kathy's companion editorial, In My Backyard.

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