Take Care!

Nurses, as caregivers, are often the last people to take care of themselves.  Many nurses don’t take the time to replenish themselves; skipping meal breaks, feeling pulled in many directions, yet continuing to give and give.

Foot SpaAirline emergency prep procedures instruct us to put on our own oxygen mask before assisting others with theirs.  This is an example that needs to be applied to our lives.  If we aren’t getting the “oxygen” we need, then how can we be fully useful to others in the long run?

Standard self-care recommendations include eating right and exercising.  Those are great things to incorporate into one’s lifestyle, but we can go beyond that to personalize our own self-care.

What are your immediate needs?  What happens if they are not met?  What refuels you?  The answer may depend or your personality – if introverted, you may find soaking in a tub or reading a good book are helpful; if extroverted, relaxing with friends might be what fills you up.

Don’t forget to be spiritually renewed!  If you work on a Sunday and miss church, take time for a “Sabbath” on your day off.  Listen to a sermon message while you drive to work.  Write encouraging scripture on a notecard and keep it in your pocket to reflect on throughout the day.  Seek to live by the Spirit and keep in step with the Spirit (Gal 5:22-25).

We all need to have our “tanks filled” in order to keep going.  Set some priorities and goals for this year.  Be willing to say “no”, even to some good things, so that you can invest in better things.  Find things that refuel your tank and make taking care of yourself a priority!  You’ll be a better nurse for it!

by Bonnie Hann, RN, BSN, BS-Missionary Nursing NCF Campus Liaison

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So hard in these times of "check the boxes, do the charting in the EHR, make hourly rounds, do the teaching, be sure to get your meds given on time, AND DO IT ALL WITHOUT OVERTIME!" Even with a morning quiet time, I have found that the enemy seems to increase his attack on my day. I'm not at the bedside anymore, but the job I am in shows me what fellow nurses are going through and I feel helpless.

Thanks so much for the encouragement...I am one of those who puts everyone first and am suffering for not taking time for myself...I love the idea of carrying a card with a verse on it to keep with me thru the day!!

dear Bonnie excellent reminder on taking self care vs giving care to others.Thank you for reminding all this to nurses.I will spread this reminder to my Pakistani nurses as well .Day before yesterday we had a New year Dinner with nurses and had discussed few challanges like how to promote leadership among us .I said that first work on our personal leadership like control our anger ,keep our body healthy ,pray and then lead others .Once again God bless you all my international nurses who share many good lessons which we had forgotten Jacoline Sommer National Vice President -Pakistan

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