Students and Faculty Transformed at Camp


NCF Faculty Advisor Jeanette Crawford, RN, MSN, was amazed and humbled when she went to her first InterVarsity training camp with two nursing students and another faculty member in May. “I was struck by the eagerness of all the students to share their passion for the Lord. We spent many hours together scrutinizing Scripture,” she said.

“I witnessed young people who burned with the desire to gain new understanding and apply it to their lives,” Jeanette added. “It was an eye-opening experience to study the Gospel of Mark (which I have read many times) and then discover new insights!”

Another faculty advisor and two NCF student leaders from Georgia Perimeter College joined other students from InterVarsity Southeast at the magnificent Pinnacle Retreat Center. Together they gathered to worship, study Scripture, pray and seek God’s work in their lives and in their ministry on campus.

Nearly missing out

Devindra Cariño, an NCF student leader, was not planning to attend the training event due to finances. She was elated when InterVarsity staff Skip McDonald told her she received a scholarship, along with another chapter member, Paula Ball. “The opportunity to attend the InterVarsity Chapter Camp was an absolute blessing.  It was amazing to see all of the like-minded students who were there studying Jesus, changing our relationship with him, and pursuing a vision of reaching our campus with his gospel,” Devindra said. “The beautiful retreat center made our time of reflection, evaluation and listening to God so peaceful and enjoyable.”

Paula Ball also nearly missed the experience. “Sometimes, as nursing students, we are offered opportunities and we dismiss them too quickly. What a jewel I would have missed,” she admits. “My heart is full from worshiping our Creator and digging deeper with God through inductive Bible study methods. Jesus used this camp to woo me from the world to meet him.”

Faculty enrichment

“This was my first opportunity to participate in chapter camp and I must admit it was phenomenal,” said faculty advisor Tanis Goldman, RN, BS. “I have attended Bible study for 16 years and have never been guided to such depth of wisdom and understanding. I learned so much and will share my experience with others who desire to study God’s Word.” As a result of camp, the students requested more training to lead inductive Bible studies with their classmates. They are planning a day-long training meeting to prepare for growth of the group at GPC.

Jeanette’s vision for the group is expanding. “My hope is that next year we can bring at least 8 students to this camp. It’s a wonderful time of fellowship, praise and spiritual growth.”




Nothing beats having time together face to face and spending it in God's word. Thanks to Jeanette for her faithfulness is supporting nursings students in their quest to follow Jesus as they learn and practice nursing. Thanks to Skip for inviting, encouraging, and making it all happen year in and year out.

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