Student Leader to World-Changer

MikailaAs a nursing student, Mikaila Holt grew in her faith as a leader in the NCF ministry at the U of IL at Chicago. Now Mikaila is making a difference in the world as a community health nurse. She talks about her journey. . . .

NCF: How did NCF influence you as a student and now as an RN?

Mikaila: Because nursing school can be so consuming, NCF reminded me of why I decided to become a nurse in the first place and helped me see what God was doing among us on campus. The community I found in NCF was instrumental in giving me perspective to see beyond myself toward God's heart for the world and the ways I could be a part of that.

NCF: What has God taught you specifically through your nursing experiences?

Mikaila: I realize that we are all people created in God's image and worthy of respect and dignity. In the hospital, we had "VIP" patients who were supposed to be treated extra well. They were not any more special in God's eyes than the patient next door to them. All people deserve to receive quality healthcare, regardless of their income level or health problems. I have seen people from all walks of life and God continues to show me how much he loves them all.

NCF: What have you been doing since graduation?

Mikaila: I worked for a year at a hospital in Chicago, intensively studied Spanish for 3 months in Argentina, and then spent 4 months with my family discerning what God had for me next. I became aware of the opportunities God had given me and realized I was in a position where I could serve and give to a community. This led me to work as a volunteer nurse for Saguache County Public Health in Colorado through the Mennonite Voluntary Service program. The program gives us housing, food and a small stipend. Now I live with other volunteers and work as a community health nurse.

NCF: You recently received an award for excellence in nursing; tell us about this.

Mikaila: I was nominated by my supervisor to receive the "Colorado Nightingale Nurse Award for Excellence in Human Caring" because she admired my desire to enthusiastically serve in a community with great need instead of working at a place where I could make a lot of money. I did not receive the Nightingale Award but I received the "Luminary Award" that was given to three nurses in my region.

NCF staff Renee Lick mentored Mikaila at UIC and says, "What I love about my job is seeing God transform students who graduate and become world-changers. Mikaila is someone who reflects God's heart for people through her nursing career. She's serving Jesus and making a difference in the lives of others."

Nursing students like Mikaila need your support. Please make a contribution to NCF student ministry.



Nice review! This is exactly the type of article that should be shared around the internet. Shame on the search engines for not ranking this blog post higher!

Miki I'm so glad to see how God is using you and how you're using nursing to glorify God! You're amazing for letting God guide you in you life!

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