Stop the Traffick: The Nurse's Role

StopMorgan Hennessey is a world-changer. Morgan is a 2011 nursing graduate who is unemployed but not discouraged.  God has nudged her to use this time of job-hunting to reach out to local nursing communities about how they can help combat human trafficking.

In recent months, Morgan has contacted local medical centers and hospitals about empowering nurses to recognize victims of human trafficking when they enter the health care system. She began a petition so that early intervention strategies can be developed for those trapped by injustice. But Morgan's passion for this issue was clearly evident as a student leader in Nurses Christian Fellowship.

Before graduating in May 2011, Morgan was an NCF student leader at The College of New Jersey. When the TCNJ InterVarsity group hosted a "Price of Life" outreach on campus last spring, Morgan and the NCF group organized a presentation for nursing majors to talk about a new topic for many of them: The Role of the Nurse in Combating Human Trafficking.

"Nurses have unique and crucial opportunities to identify victims of human trafficking in emergency departments and clinics," Morgan said. "We must learn how to recognize, assess and report cases of human trafficking, as well as how to care for these especially vulnerable patients and recommend available services for recovering victims."

By discussing this overlooked topic, Morgan hoped her classmates would learn how to respond appropriately in their future nursing practice and also influence the policies of their workplace.

Starting an NCF group

It was Morgan's leadership and vision that began the NCF ministry at TCNJ. In her sophomore year, she started a nursing small group Bible study. As a service activity, group members made fun "survival kits" and handed them out to freshmen after their first Anatomy exams, which has now become a tradition of the NCF group. By the time Morgan was a senior, the ministry to nursing students grew into two small-group Bible studies and a weekly NCF meeting.

"Morgan was one of the best small group leaders we've ever had at TCNJ," said InterVarsity staff Christine Loesser. "She was instrumental in the expansion of our outreach to nursing majors and was always curious about the resources of NCF for those in the nursing profession."

NCF Head-to-Toe VideoThe NCF group not only tackles serious issues but loves to have fun together. Last spring they pooled their artistic talents to create the NCF Head-to-Toe Assessment Music Video, a frolicking summary of what they're learning in nursing school.

Morgan Hennessey may not have a job, but she has a mission – and this passionate world-changer is just getting started.



Here is more information from a comment on our facebook page: The Salvation Army in Chicago has a training program on "Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children and Labor Trafficking of Domestic Minors." It targets first responders who are in a capacity to serve youth. It would be great to see this as a national program.

Morgan, you have certainly learned the meaning of persistence and passion. We would love to have you come to Texas; we have lots of jobs. I just retired after 42 years of nursing, and still continue to be amazed and so grateful for the attitude of our young Christian nurses. I thank God for you and your dedication to making this world a better place. Thank you for being concerned about the human trafficking grave moral issue in our world. Our church too has a mission to those women that have been involved in this crime. Please let me know how I can help you. Have a God blessed day! Chary Horton, RN, BSN, MA 9402061207

Caroline from CA. It is a blessing to have the opportunity to share your thoughts. I am currently in the process of obtaining by BSN through a private Christian College. I will use the resources mentioned to research the information for my Writing Analytically course.

Go Morgan...Go Morgan, I work in Bham al with a group called the Wellhouse. We go every monday with Roxanne from WDJC to the motels where human traffiking is known. So far we have several girls out and safe in just a few monthes. God has shown up in powerful ways that amaze us. Salvations, prayers, and we do praise and worship on the sidewalk in front of these establishments. People honk and wave and pray along with us. My group, Bikers for Christ, are a part of the future solution for a problem not a world away.

[…] group at The College of New Jersey. She shares her passion for the enslaved in the NCF blogpost, “Stop the Traffick: The Nurse’s Role.” On the lighter side, Morgan and her fellow students created the delightfully funny youtube […]

[…] group at The College of New Jersey. She shares her passion for the enslaved in the NCF blogpost, “Stop the Traffick: The Nurse’s Role.” On the lighter side, Morgan and her fellow students created the delightfully funny youtube […]

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