Starting the Year with Prayer

Sometimes we forget how much we need the prayer support of others.

Praying for campusesLast Monday was InterVarsity’s Day of Prayer.  We prayed by name for the NCF faculty advisors and student leaders of our chapters. Then we sent each one an email, “NCF is praying for you.”  The response was overwhelming.

“More than 50 NCF faculty advisors responded right away, expressing their appreciation,” said Bonnie Hann, NCF Campus Liaison. “Many of them said it was their first day back on campus and they needed a word of encouragement to begin the semester. Some requested additional prayer for their demanding roles as educators and as faculty mentors for NCF students.”

One faculty advisor in Texas replied, “I have felt your prayers today because my first day back was great (unlike other years).  Praise God for your sensitive spirit to us.”

“Today was our first day of faculty workshop week -- I felt God's special hand in my day!” wrote Barb (OR).

Another faculty advisor in Tennessee wrote, “I just had the opportunity to read this email today, after a very hard week, and it meant so much to me! God hears prayers. He is teaching me how to trust him in everything.”

Will you join us in praying for educators and students who are part of God’s work on campus?

Pray for . . .

. . . students to walk more deeply with the Lord and invite others into their NCF community.

. . . new student outreach events which are critical in the weeks ahead.

. . . faculty advisors to embody the fruit of the Spirit in every interaction and relationship.

. . . many new students to hear about how a relationship with Christ can make a difference in their lives and in their careers as nurses.

. . . new leaders with a vision for outreach at schools where seniors have graduated and left a leadership vacuum.

. . . new faculty advisors and students who are starting new leadership roles and want a bigger vision to reach their school of nursing for Christ.

It is exciting to see how God answers our prayers.



Thank you for your prayers and your continued support via prayer. May this be a year where we each know the Presence of God in our lives and then share it with others

The picture was taken in a prayer garden with a labryrinth designed to walk and contemplatively pray, reflect or meditate.

A labyrinth?

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