Starting Something New for God

UVAWatching new NCF student groups get started is such a privilege!

Recently I traveled to the University of Virginia to meet with two nursing students, Carol and Laura. After much prayer and discernment, Carol and Laura had agreed to take the first steps toward relaunching an NCF ministry on campus. We met with their InterVarsity staff representative and they talked about their journey and vision for the group.

“Last year, I felt like I didn’t really relate to the other nursing students.” Laura told us. “When I said yes to starting NCF, my perspective shifted. This semester, I’ve begun intentionally building relationships with my classmates and inviting them to NCF.”

tweetCarol added, “A friend and I have started praying before our clinicals, and I’m going to invite my whole clinical group to join us next week!”

Then they began firing questions at me. How can we ensure that non-Christian nursing students feel welcomed in our group? What are the next steps we can take to prepare for an official launch of our NCF chapter in the spring?

As we brainstormed and planned, I was amazed by the courage these nursing students were taking for God’s Kingdom. They knew that despite their invitations and efforts, the group still might fail—and let’s face it, failure is a constantly nagging source of worry in nursing school. But they sensed a call from God to plant this ministry and they were willing to follow him, no matter what the outcome might be.

Now the foundation is being laid for an NCF chapter to relaunch at the University of Virginia! Carol and Laura’s friends are gathering regularly to look at Scripture and consider how it relates to nursing. Nursing students now have a place to explore their faith questions and belong to a gracious, loving community.

Will you please pray for Carol and Laura as they continue to plant and grow an NCF group? And pray that God will raise up many more students across the country, like Carol and Laura, who will each say yes to the Lord’s invitation to start NCF!

--Timothy Lin, NCF Student Ministries Director



I commend you on following God's promptings to form an NCF group on your campus. I remember the extreme stress of my basic nursing education. I tended to isolate myself and study all the time. It was the kindness and friendliness of NCF nurses which helped me start on the life long wonderful journey of learning about God's love. Experiencing it was the first step.

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