Starting Fresh . . .

2014 ResolutionsJanuary brings a fresh resolve to finally do those things we’ve been putting off, leading us to make all kinds of New Year’s resolutions.

Good changes are easy to identify. They come from soul-searching, from hearing hard truths, or seeing our shortcomings. It’s not easy to turn bad habits into good ones.  So we repent, ask for God’s grace to help us live as we ought to, try again—and repeat that process as many times as we need to, for as long as we live.

With all the emphasis we place on change, especially around this time of year, it’d be easy to think that change is always a good thing. But the truth is that—though it’s rarely mentioned on January 1— not all change is good.

Excerpted from the blog of InterVarsity: The Resolution to Not Change - Holding on to the things that matter.

Nurses Christian Fellowship is a ministry of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.


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