Starting Up and Reaching Out

Back to SchoolThe start of the school year is an exciting time for our NCF students and staff as they invite other nursing students to get involved in the mission of NCF on their campuses. At UIC, NCF students and faculty passed out bookmark invitations for a weekly Bible discussion so students could invite their friends. Some students said they already knew who they were going to invite to the Bible study and are eager to start.

At the first meeting this fall, a student leader shared how much his faith grew by being involved in the NCF chapter last year. "He had been fairly quiet in our group, but God was doing a lot in his heart," said Renee Lick, NCF staff. "Now he's telling his story and he's surprised and excited to see the interest in NCF from some of his classmates." Others are witnessing God's transforming work in this student's life.

At WSU in Kansas, Kathy Schoonover-Shoffner, NCF staff, stepped out in faith and prepared an extra batch of enchiladas for her group's first meeting where the topic was "Enchiladas and Encouragement." She was floored by God's goodness as 13 students and 5 faculty members showed up, with even more expressing interest. She was amazed by the active participation. "Students asked for teaching about spiritual care and how to share faith," she said. "They brought it up, not me!" In the closing prayer time, Kathy was delighted to see them sharing prayer requests and eagerly praying for each other, even though many didn't know each other.

Join us in praying for nursing students to reflect the grace and truth of Jesus to their peers.


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