Spiritual Care 101

NCF student conference"I understand now that nursing is a ministry," commented a nursing student who attended the NCF conference, "What's Vital: Basics in Spiritual Care" on October 22, 2011 in Durham, NC.

Renee Lick, NCF Student Ministries Director, taught students how to assess spiritual needs and offer spiritual care.

One student said, "I now have a better understanding of how to be spiritually aware of my patients and that praying is okay to do for people who want it." Another student commented that the conference "allowed me to reevaluate where I am with God, and how I need to start taking care of my spiritual health in order to be able to take care of others."

Students came from Duke, UNC Greensboro and East Carolina University. "The NCF conference has gotten me excited about implementing spiritual care when I become a nurse," reported a student. "I am also excited about building my relationship with God further and encouraging others to do so as well."

One nursing student summarized, "I feel my faith has been increased by this conference as ideas to grow spiritually were abundant. I also appreciated the many opportunities for prayer throughout the day!"

We thank God that these nursing students are learning how to integrate their Christian faith and their nursing practice to offer patients holistic care in the years ahead!


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