Significant Moments

11292016oruRecently, I've been focusing on how to seek and receive God's direction, how to find and stay in that place where I hear his voice. What I want is to understand God's leading and the right actions, words, or decisions for everyday situations. This can feel like instinct or intuition. But as Christians, it can be the leading of the Holy Spirit.

As nurses, we need the leading of the still, small voice of God. A simple responsiveness to God in everyday events can create significant moments.

I remember how God’s whisper created a significant moment in my life the summer after I became a nurse and I traveled from Texas to Iowa to help my grandparents move. Mom and Dad said, “When you drive through Tulsa, Oklahoma, check out the campus of Oral Roberts University. It's beautiful!” They had wanted me to do my undergraduate work there.

I took their advice, parked the car, and walked around the ORU campus. A thought hit me to find the nursing department and see what it looked like.

I was walking down the hall of the mostly empty office area when a faculty member (the only one there!) asked what I was doing. I think she listened to the still, small voice of God and stopped to talk with me. She heard my passion for nursing and envisioned something great for my life. I had absolutely no inclination toward further education, but an hour later I was applying for the master's program in nursing.

Two months later, I began an adventure that changed me forever!

Recently I was invited back to ORU as a featured speaker for students, faculty members and community members. I spoke about “Expecting God in Nursing” and used the story in Luke 5 about how the disciples responded to a strange request from Jesus. As they obeyed and let down their nets, they saw Jesus in a new light. It’s a great reminder of what happens when Jesus shows up and calls us to new levels of trust in him.

Hearing and responding to the still, small voice of God can create significant moments.


Kathy Schoonover-Shoffner, PhD, RN NCF National Director Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Christian Nursing


--Excerpt from Journal of Christian Nursing, Oct/Dec 2016, p.197. Become a member of NCF and receive Journal of Christian Nursing as a member benefit throughout the year.



I am in awe of the wonderful website that this is. I have come upon this website due to a graduate project that I am required to complete, as I was looking at the author guidelines for publishing a journal. I had no idea that such a website existed. I know that God is orchestrating all of this as I type. Just as it states in Jeremiah 29:11 of how God already knows the plans that he has for all his children... and I am so grateful. And in Jeremiah 1:5 of how God knew us before he formed us in our mother's womb and before we were born he set us apart. I am pleased to have finally found a website and nursing journal that exuberates the love and life of Jesus Christ through the avenue of nursing!!! I know by faith that one day I will present information based on faith-based nursing in the christian community setting. As an advanced practice nurse, it is my duty unto God, to represent Him and present myself acceptable and pleasing to Him.

Indea -- God is quite amazing isn't he! I am so glad the journal blessed you. Pray for us that we can glorify God and be used to bless students and nurses, and that nurses join NCF to received the journal. God bless you!

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