Rx for Compassion Fatigue

script padHow do you cope with compassion fatigue, burnout, or lateral violence in the workplace?

"All of these are spiritually toxic for the Christian nurse," said Pat Farrell, who was the featured speaker at NCF conferences in Virginia and North Carolina. "God longs for us to stay close to him so we are refreshed, renewed and refilled vessels of his immeasurable love and compassion in the world."

As Pat spoke to the hearts of nurses, she kept them fully involved with visuals, fragrances, mental imagery and activities. After the seminar, the "One nurse told me it was life-changing," Donna said. "It reignited her passion for nursing and for God. Wow!"

"Nurses in our area are thirsty for guidance to connect our profession with the core of our being – our Christianity," commented NCF member Claudia Campese. "Pat inspired us to live differently, and share our new knowledge with other nurses in our area."

Follow Pat Farrell on her blog, On the Go with Pat.


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