Professional Ministries Director Joins NCF Staff

Christy SecorIt’s about relationship—that’s how Christy Secor, RN, DNP, CDWF, distills her new NCF role.  “I believe God created us for relationship; he made us to be in community with each other. I’ve seen in my own life and with nurses I’ve worked with that when stresses come, whether personally or professionally, we can move to isolate ourselves. This leads to burnout and compassion fatigue.”

Christy speaks from experience with burnout and with being refreshed and strengthened through relationships. As she begins investing her education and expertise into NCF, Christy is eager to work with two groups she is very passionate about: nursing students and nurses in professional practice.

After discovering NCF while working with nursing students at a private Christian college, Christy joined NCF and has been an author and reviewer for Journal of Christian Nursing. Coming from a position at Buffalo Hospital in Buffalo, MN, she is fluent in the challenges nursing students and nurses in practice are experiencing.

“Sleep deprivation, burnout, compassion fatigue, workplace violence--these are the realities nursing students and professional nurses face each day,” Christy observes. “The statement 'You can’t pour from an empty cup' is true. Our hearts as nurses is to give. Sensing that call to help others is why many of us chose nursing. We need to be filled.”

Christy’s doctoral work focused on strategies to reduce nurse compassion fatigue. She continues to serve in her Minnesota community with the Bounce Back Project and as a facilitator with Daring Way. She has worked as a nurse in military and civilian hospitals and in long-term care, has taught prelicensure nursing students, and teaches RN-BSN nurses at Indiana Wesleyan University as an adjunct faculty member.

tweetLooking forward, Christy is highly interested in NCF members. “We want to know your story. Your story matters. You matter. NCF is a place where your voice can be heard,” she said.

Christy is pursuing better ways to communicate with students and nurses and to hear about their experiences. “I’ll also be reaching out to these groups to build connections with them.”

“What are aspects of NCF that our nursing students and nurses enjoy most?” she’s asking members. “How can we continue to support our student nurse leaders and their faculty advisors as well as our nurse group leaders?”

In her plan to maximize what NCF is already doing well, Christy has teamed up with Tim Lin, NCF Student Ministries Director, and Jane Hall, who volunteers her time to support the nurse ministry. This team approach is one more way Christy is prioritizing relationships.

Reach out to Christy with your input, responses, and suggestions at “Your experiences and feedback will be useful in guiding and focusing our work,” she promises.

Watch this brief video message from Christy.



Thank you for serving as a Health Professional, including sharing your knowledge and wisdom to help others in the health field.

Eloise, I so appreciate your encouragement and would ask for your prayers for wisdom, leading, and discernment for the JCN / NCF staff and for me. I realize this work has to follow God's direction and leading. My Mama would pray and ask God to help her hear the sound of sandaled feet in her life as she followed Christ. I am listening for those same footsteps as well.

I would also love to hear your story and how you came to be a part of NCF. Please feel free to email me at -- I welcome the opportunity to connect. Blessings to you!

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