Praying for New NCF Grads

UphillFor many nursing graduates, it is an uphill journey as they finish school and take the next step(s). We asked some of our new graduates how we can pray for them. As partner in our mission, will you intercede for some of these needs? Thank you!

  • I want to be what God wants me to be, not what I choose. Go where God wants me to go, not where I think I should go. I want God's Spirit to work through me so that I can touch others and they will know that it is Him, not me.
  • Please pray I get offered a job. I am kind of shy and have a hard time putting myself forward.
  • That I can find a nurse residency program and God will provide me with courage and strength. I have a lot of fear going into the nurse career and I don't want this to interfere with His calling for my life.
  • Preparation for NCLEX, relationships with family and friends, transition into my first position as a nurse
  • I would love to have prayer that I can seek God's perfect will for my life and can impact numerous lives for Christ, my patients and the other staff.
  • That I pass boards on the first try and that I find a job I'll be happy with.
  • Pray for patience and strength to aid in a smooth transition from student to nurse.
  • That I will know God's will for my life, that I will listen to him, and that he will reveal it to me.
  • Pray that I can pass the NCLEX test! I would like to make a difference in people's lives sharing God's love!
  • Thanking God for what He has helped me accomplish and how great He is! That I can get a job somewhere where I am not too far from my girlfriend and that we can get through what will happen when I graduate. And that He will help me with my finances and relationships as I step into a new phase of life.
  • That I will find the job where God wants me after graduation and that I will become strong in my faith and my career.
  • I ask for compassion and knowledge in my profession. God is good and my life is what it is today because he is my savior. I just ask for strength and grace for allowing me to use my profession in his name.
  • Please pray that God continues to bless me with peace through this transition from being a nursing student to a professional nurse.


Pray for me as I have been accepted into a MSN program, I hope this is what God has chosen for me. I would like to pass this program so I can assist in making a difference not only for patients but for nurses, who have the most contact with patients and need to be recognized for this more. I personally pray for all nursing student and my fellow nurses always keep up the faith, God will guide us all if we follow his directions

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